Panama will have “first-hand” information to intervene with biofortified crops

Encuest_ImpactoPanama_Feb2015Equipped with information gathered through household surveys, Panama will have a diagnosis to intervene with biofortified crops in the provinces of Clocé, Herrera and Veraguas and the Comarca (administrative division) of Gnabe Buggle.

The plan is to carry out 384 surveys, of which 231 will be conducted in the communities of the Comarca; that is, 60% of the diagnosis will be provided by the indigenous community. The survey process is expected to begin in March, with approximately 3 weeks of fieldwork.

To carry it out, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and HarvestPlus, along with the impact group, trained the supervisors and survey takers who will be entrusted with the work of the surveys for the sociodemographic diagnosis , consumption and production.

In parallel, a review and validation of the field survey format was done in the community of Juan Díaz de Penonomé, and of each one of the points that will be diagnosed in the communities of Hijo de Dios N°1, Hijo de Dios N°2, San Roquito 2, Herrera, el Bongo, Calabacito, Lerique, Rodeo Viejo, Rincón Largo, Chichica, Cerro Tula, Cerro Mosquito, and Cerro Papaya.

The training was carried out in the province of Cloclé in February, in the campus of the University of Panama. The event was convened by researchers of the AgroNutre Panamá program, coordinated by the Panama Institute of Agricultural Research (IDIAP), leader of the biofortification program in this country.

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