Discover the two new biofortified Colombian bean varieties: BIO-101 and BIO-107

On June 9th, 2016, two biofortified varieties of iron + zinc beans were released in Colombia in Barichara, Santander.

The release of these biofortified bean varieties BIO-101 and BIO-107 with high content of iron (83 ppm) and zinc (44 ppm) was possible thanks to the coordinated work and effort of HarvestPlus, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the Agriculture Research and Development Foundation (FIDAR) and the National Federation of Cereal Growers (Fenalce).

Biofortified Colombian beans

Farmers and participants were informed about the characteristics of the new varieties, learned about HarvestPlus, its mission and the importance of micronutrients to human health.

These talks were given by HarvestPlus Global Director of Product Development and Commercialization, Dr. Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Dr. Stephen Beebe bean crop leader from CIAT, Fenalce general manager, Henry Vanegas and FIDAR executive director, José Restrepo.

After the talks, the more than 200 farmers and participant visited the crops and enjoyed a lunch that included the biofortified beans as a main dish.

BIO-101 and BIO-107, that can be grown in several Colombian regions with outstanding results (Cauca, Huila, Tolima, Quindío, Santander and Valle del Cauca), sparked interest among the growers and now they will be available to them all.

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