Biofortification takes the stage at MNF!

We write to you from the Micronutrient forum, a “global catalyst and convener for sharing expertise, insights and experience relevant to micronutrients in all aspects of health promotion and disease prevention, with special emphasis on the integration with relevant sectors”. The Micronutrient Forum was first established in 2006, merging the International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group (INACG) and the International Vitamin A Consultative Group (IVACG).

On this occasion, researchers, policy makers, nutritionists, and private sector key players are going to share ideas, gaps, and achievements of micronutrient programs from around the world. The event is being held in Cancún 24th – 28th of October.

HarvestPlus en el foro de micronutrientes

HarvestPlus, as a leader in biofortification, has set up several activities and wants you to be involved!

If you are at MNF, visit us at booth 22. We have much to share with you!
Get our efficacy reports, the “who is growing what” map for biofortified crops and some very good looking infographics explaining how biofortification works.

This becomes a great opportunity to share ideas and chat with HarvestPlus staff. Just ask who you want to chat with. Also, our CEO, Beverley Postma, is going to be around.

HarvestPlus’ Latin America and the Caribbean Coordinator, Marilia Nutti, is already here and she is eager to meet you.


Also, we have prepared two special activities:

Moderated by World Food Prize Laureate, Howarth Bouis, our sponsored symposium is going to be held Tuesday 5:30 PM at Tulum 1 and 2. Don’t miss the chance to know more about progress being made.

Join our scientific session around new efficacy trials evidence for biofortified crops. Thursday, 4:00 PM at “Cozumel 4”.

Invitación a los eventos de HarvestPlus en el MNF cancún 2016

Don’t forget to visit the poster session as more than 9 HarvestPlus’ members have prepared interesting information. Angella Atero, Moira Angel, Michael Diressie, Mourad Moursi, Adewale Oparinde, Victor Taleon, Elise Talsma and Caitlin Herrington will be expecting you.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@HarvestPlus) and Facebook (HarvestPlus and HarvestPlus LAC) . We will provide live coverage directly from the MNF.

By Christian Zapata, communication analyst HarvestPlus LAC. 

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