¿What is it?

¿What is it?

Los proyectos de biofortificación buscan desarrollar cultivos con mayores niveles de micronutrientes para alcanzar concentraciones de pro-vitamina A, hierro y zinc que tengan efectos medibles en el estado nutricional de las personas.
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Nutritional, social and economic im...

Nutritional, social and economic impact

Fomentar una alimentación que incluya la combinación de estos cultivos biofortificados en un mismo plato (Ej. arroz con maíz y fríjol), implica que el consumo de micronutrientes no depende de una sola fuente o cultivo sino de una canasta (conjunto) de cultivos...
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News about Impact

Haiti Initiates its Biofortification Strategy

Some 80 representatives from international institutions, NGOs, universities, the government, and national institutions met from October 27 to 29 in Haiti to discuss activities that will be promoted as part of the biofortification program that HarvestPlus is leading for Latin America. With leadership provided by HarvestPlus in Latin America, biofortification is a way to naturally […]
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Gloria could be the “secret weapon” to promote the consumption of beans with more nutrients in the district of Pescador, Department of Cauca, Colombia. She is a proud Colombian “born and bred,” and as such, a lover of beans, a dish that has its place on every table in eastern Colombia. She knows better than […]
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